Are you ready to get into the groove, swing in our rhythm, hang out with legends in jazz from across the world and become a jazz ambassador?

Join the Teamwork Arts Goa International Jazz Live Festival as a volunteer, and be part of a festival which brings new age and innovative jazz to Goa, spicing up the air with sounds which will refuse to fade away…

You have a definite edge over others if you are:

  • A Goa local with a musical bent of mind – we are not covering outstation travel and accommodation costs! J
  • Have a sense of camaraderie with your incredible city and want to help “create” an experience which will be etched forever in Goa’s memory
  • Are friendly, diligent, and meticulous with an eye for detail
  • Open to new learnings and newer methods of doing old things
  • Keen to work at a music festival produced by India’s premier arts company and led by a well-known RJ, a talented vocalist and a specialist in percussion


So, go ahead and fill in the form below; remember, if you are accepted:


  1. In addition to your regular honorarium, you will get a special GIJLF volunteer jacket/tee-shirt.
  2. You will be rewarded with tokens and incentives if you prove to be more than “just a volunteer”!

Now, before you dash the form off, a quick word: do remember this isn’t a gig – it IS a “job” which comes with gravitas and responsibilities involving core and assigned duties and some (when you go that extra mile!), expectations of flawless execution and our complete faith in your ability to do so.

So folks, here is a general list of your basic tasks:

*Receiving guests/artistes from the airport * Sourcing requirements from local markets *Onstage assistance * Turn-around between acts * Managing guests * Audience registration

So come and make memories for us, for Goa and for jazz!