Supergombo Featuring in Jazz India Circuit International Festival Goa 2018
  • Date1 December 2018
  • VenueInternational Centre Goa
  • Time4:30 pm onwards
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Supergombo is an exciting new offshoot of a cultural blend from France. Their Afrofunk sound probably comes from the Tout Puissant Orchestre Poly-Rythmo and the Headhunters, blended with influences such as Senegalese Mbalax, Congolese Soukous, funk and jazz. Their music is not really “World” although they do retain its frenzied, uncontrollable rhythm.

Supergombo’s seven musicians borrow influences from genres, styles, even neighbourhoods such as la Guillotière, a lively Lyon neighbourhood known for its own cultural mix. Their music is distinct and gets people on the dance floor. From his father’s years in Africa, band member Etienne Kermarc inherited West African sounds – which he blended with his own jazz idiom. His fellow music travellers are Aurélien Joly and Nacim Brahimi with their horns, Romain Nassini and Riad Klaï for harmony, David Doris from Reunion Island and Wendlavim Zabsonré from Burkina Faso on percussions and drums – all of them involved in the writing and arrangements. Finally, the indie label, Z Production, with Vincent Taurelle, Etienne Meunier and Benoît Bel, work on recordings.

Supergombo’s music never forgets its roots, nor the stories it tells.