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Feb 2018

The Jazz Set – Are you in?

Author Sarthak Kaushik

Being a jazz enthusiast doesn’t just mean knowing how to sway to breezy tunes. It also means knowing the right words to use for not only that “uber cool” panache but also to be able to “flaunt” it with the correct amount of nonchalance! So, here I present a glossary of jazz (do note that... Read more »

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Jul 2017

Jazz: Revival in the 80’s and Current Famous Singers

Author Author

If one were to set up an apothecary for the soul, perhaps it would just dole out music in a variety of forms and doses to its many patrons. One of the formulae that would most definitely be a cure would be jazz in all its forms. Its soothing, lilting melodies speak of stories of... Read more »

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Jul 2017

The Jazz India Circuit

Author jazzadmin

The term jazz, it is said, originated from a slang term jasm in 1860, essentially used to mean ‘pep and energy’. Jazz is the music of release, immersed deeply in the culture of the late nineteenth century African American slave community toiling in the huge New Orleans plantations, which evolved, improvised and intermingled with American... Read more »

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Jul 2015

Those Who Made the Music: Jazz and its Greats

Author jazzadmin

I had heard Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World long before I heard the word “jazz”. I had heard it a friend’s place and for an ear trained on old and new film music and a smattering of Carnatic, it was a new, weightless, truly soothing sound. (If you have heard 20-minute alapanas in South... Read more »

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Jul 2017

Freeing That Jazz: Experiments and the Goa International Jazz Live Festival

Author jazzadmin

“The piano ain’t got no wrong notes.” – Thelonious Sphere Monk Thelonious Sphere Monk, the noted American jazz composer, is remembered today mostly for how he improvised his music and that in itself became a statement of his unique style. In making his improvisations Monk was doing something that had been taking form in the... Read more »

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